Video markup and delivery

Video markup

The Busby video markup application is ideal for applications where video flows involving mark up, review, fix in edit, delivery and archive. Support is provided for both recorded and live incoming video. The marker metadata structure is extremely flexible, allowing for multiple streams of markers to be edited at the same time. All mark up is conducted through an intuitive web based user interface with an embedded frame accurate video player.

Flexible marker metadata structureDefined marker types and marker groups. Each marker type can be configured using a comprehensive form editor. All sports, live events and other marker categories are supported. Markers can be either point in time or range marker.
MulticamBoth single and multicam markup are supported. When using multicam every video is kept in step.
Concurrent editingMultiple users can markup at the same time without affecting other users edits.
Marker conversationsMarkers can have conversations associated with them, to allow multiple users to confirm they are happy.
Live loggingLive logging UI with a simple touch screen interface that adapts to the particular event. Support for external button control using a streamdeck panel.
Simple in browser editorFor cases when there is a formulaic editing process that needs to happen a simple in browser editor is available. This provides ‘just enough editing’ for the job, without having to give every user a fully blown video editor.
Editor integrationSupport for sending marker projects to editors and then receiving updates from the editors. Currently available for Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere
Multiple review stagesContent can pass through multiple concurrent review stages, where each review can be associated with a separate user group. Reviewers can update markers that are made available within Busby and in any edit session.


Once a markup has been completed and the rendered output has been generated the finished content still needs to be processed. The Busby workflow engine provides all the tools needed to handle these tasks, this includes workflows for audio finalisation, qc checks and editorial checks, transcoding and physical delivery of files.

Multiple endpoints can be defined each with a different transcode profile along with a definition of the required metadata. Busby manages the transcodes and pushes to the end platforms. Where human interaction is required for entering extra metadata Busby provides the user interfaces for this work.

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