Your media integration platform

Enabling business evolution and transformation

Busby provides sophisticated workflow tools to enable all your systems to work together seamlessly. Integrations can be as simple as replacing a spreadsheet or controlling a transcoder, to as complex as running a whole media workflow. Busby allows you to drive your business forward incrementally, making solutions that match your unique requirements.

Easy to deploy, easy to change, easy to live with

Create bespoke enterprise applications with the Busby low-code framework. Run workflows, manage data sources, control media equipment.

A head start with built in modules

Whether you need a MAM, a PAM, an alarm system, some machine control or a mixture of it all – Busby has a module for you.

Media aware from top to bottom

Busby excels in integrations in the worlds of media and broadcast, with deep knowledge on handling video, audio and caption based workflows. This includes the control of third party devices in a consistent user interface, the handling of media workflows, and the storage of asset metadata. The Busby MAM and PAM provide extensible asset management environments, with the ability to have customised hierarchies and handle multiple components per asset for multi-language support.

Media in Busby

From frame accurate browse players, to captioning and audio tools – to tools for timecode handling and transcoding – Busby knows media.

Controlling your media

Busby can control a huge library of media devices – routers (SDI, NDI, 2110, Dante), switchers, transcoders, auto QC, editors and much more

Deploy your way

Handling the management of rollouts is an essential part of any microservices platform. Busby has a centralised configuration model that means everything within a system is configured in one place, following the Platform as a Service (PaaS) model. Multiple deployments allow test, staging and production environments to be kept in step, whilst not having to replicate your changes.

Mix cloud and on premise

Busby is built from the ground up to be agnostic to your deployment choices. Host either in any cloud or on-premise, or mix and match as necessary.

Build your own or bring in the experts

Squared Paper can create your integrations and applications with you, or train you to build your own using the Busby toolkit.

Fully extensible

Every system is different, and every system will change during its lifetime. To support a changing landscape Busby provides many ways of being extended and customised. Small low-code services can be added within the framework, and HTTP REST-based APIs can be generated to expose just the parts of the system that should be exposed. It is even possible to create custom user interfaces that update dynamically as updates occur elsewhere in the sytem.

Write your own services

Build your own services within the Busby framework with Busby’s huge library of prebuilt connectors and tools.

Make your own user interfaces

Specialist user interfaces can be created to make your applications precisely match your user requirements. Fully secure, themeable and they can update in real time.

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