Busby for Systems Integrators

Busby is an ideal platform for systems integrators to use to help deliver their projects. It can provide the backbone of the software integration for a system, or just be used to add that small extra feature that is essential for an RFP or delivery.

Large library of integrations

Busby provides integrations to 100s of media and broadcast devices both old and new, from NDI, 2110 and Dante; to MAMs, editors, scheduling system and much more – ask us for more info. Even if the integration is not included yet, we can add integrations for individual projects. Busby is agnostic to platform or solution, so can be deployed in a wide range of environments – including on premise, in any cloud or within the GV AMPP infrastructure.

Complete your RFPs

When designing media systems a large proportion of the problems can be solved using off-the-shelf equipment, but there can be the odd customer requirement that just doesn’t fit any existing application. This is where Busby can come in – using the toolkit to write one-off applications without starting from scratch. In particular end customers will often choose particular technologies which will need to be connected together or will require specialist user interfaces to be made just for their operation – using Busby means that these line items can be ticked on RFPs.

Mature platform

Sometimes the quickest solution to integration problems can be to write a small script, or create a spreadsheet that gets moved between users. However these short term solutions don’t often match the long term requirements of the customer. Media systems are often complex, require high levels of up-time, and need to be flexible enough to change as the media landscape changes. Busby provides a mature platform that makes it easy to solve integration problems in a way that is manageable, extensible and secure.

Squared Paper as partners

When using Busby as platform system integrators also benefit from the extensive experience of the Squared Paper team. This includes direct access to the engineers that wrote the Busby platform, all of whom have extensive experience delivering many complex broadcast media systems.

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