Archive management

Busby provides tools to be able to facilitate and manage new and legacy archives with the extensive functionality available.

RaceTech – Case Study

Leaders in Photofinish technology, RaceTech, needed a more efficient content archiving solution with improved file management functionality and a secure remote user interface. Utilising Busby, Squared Paper were able to provide a bespoke solution that allowed RaceTech to transfer over a quarter of a million HD clips and metadata files with instant access to content. Squared Paper worked directly with DAC to produce an archive management application to store and search media via an elasticsearch database

Archive storage workflowAt the point of ingest from the OB trucks a Busby workflow automates the archiving process adding metadata, creating lower resolution browse clips and registering the content into Busby MAM.
Prompt archive searchBusby synchronises Elasticsearch with the MAM enabling fast, multifaceted, search capabilities.
Sharing facilityAfter selecting start and end points a custom export can be triggered in a Busby workflow to deliver the partial clips to sports officals.
Remote user web accessUtilising lower resolution browse clips the Busby Selector web browser allows remote users to perform actions via PC and tablets.
Multi-angle view and loggingSquared Paper created a player in the Busby MAM to allow multi-angle replay, timecode logging, frame by frame recall, and looping. All video clips are perfectly synchronised frame by frame.
Scalable ALTO tapeless archive technologyBusby Alto interface manages the archiving and retrieval of files to and from the ALTO disk archive.
Export for editBusby users are able to create an edit project list by selecting partial clips from multiple races. The edit list can initiate a Busby workflow that retrieves the full resolution clips and delivers them into an edit project folder.

Guy Fontaine, Media manager, RaceTech

“It is a ground breaking solution. It delivered more than anybody else had shown us.”

“We looked at the marketplace and figured it was going to require a bespoke solution. I knew what we were looking for, and Squared paper had the technical understanding of how it could be achieved. Very quickly we came up with a concept, and straight off our clients loved it.”


Analyse and reportBusby has the ability to create an audit of an existing archive and provide tools in which to analyse and the display data about your content. This is advisable when deciding what content you would like to migrate to your new arching solution.
Automate inteligent migrationLeveraging Busby’s workflows, the migration of content to a new archive can be managed and recorded including checking the integrity of each file. Automated decisions can be made as to hoe the content is stored and decide what to copy. By maintaining step by step progress Busby is able to pick up where it eft off in the event of hardware or network issues.
File integrity checkingBusby is able to perform various checks on a file, before and after it is copied. Typically an MD5 checksum is performed on the file to ensure the copy is identical and the transfer completed successfully.
Register content in MAMBusby’s comprehensive MAM database can provide a metadata rich reference to the content as well as instantly available low res proxies to view via a web browser.
Reconcile content with external systemsVarious tools are available to create solutions to interface into external systems for example scheduling systems, other MAM and PAM systems.
MAM searchAll metadata stored in the MAM is referenced in Busby’s Elastic search. This enables near instant response in text searches.
Initiate actionsUtilising Busby’s user interfaces, including it’s own MAM UI, its possible to initiate actions on content. Typically this could be used to export, partial, hi res content that has been selected to create an edit project folder. e.g. Final Cut.
Controlled accessBusby has a built in, group based, permissions policy that can be managed through the Busby Selector interface or managed externally via business authentication system. e.g. AD,Azure, Okta
Manage redundancy policyAs new or legacy content is ingested into the archive solution, redundancy policies can be set for different type or owned content. Busby can then ensure content is duplicated across multiple storage systems.
Archive HealthBusby has the ability to monitor external and internal hosts’ server health as well as any ongoing archiving workflows. Alarms can be raised and notifications can be sent in a variety of forms. e.g. Email, SNS, API call, Audio alarm.
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