Sports Archive Management System

A specialist sports outside broadcast company required a system to simplify:

  • The ingest of video files after events
  • Video browsing for sports officials and edit list creation for edit operators
  • Management of files to and from the ALTO disk archive

    A custom multi-view UI was developed for use by officials to review races. All relevant metadata is displayed in an easy to read format.


    Busby core forms the basis of all the custom microservices needed for this project including:

  • Interface to transfer files from legacy tape archive to ALTO disk archive
  • Browse video generator
  • Interface to import metadata into Elasticsearch store for fast searching

    Busby Dashboards gives an overview of the status of the migration process from tape to disk and the general system status:


    Busby Alarms was provided to alert operational staff of any issues before they become problems.


    File manager was deployed to provide a Virtual File System interface to the ALTO disk archive.
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