Busby control allows the automatic (on a timed basis) or manual control of devices or services connected to the Busby ESB. This could be for example to start and stop live feed encoders, or to perform router switches.

Busby timed event service

The Busby timed event service provides a main/backup timed event control service. Events are persisted into a Postgres database in case of power failure or software restarts. At the specified time of the event, the timed event service sends an ESB message to the service in question with the correct parameters. The receiving service then performs the necessary actions. This approach means the service is lightweight and reliable.

Busby schedule view

A simple web based UI provides a view into the timed event service. Events can be viewed either as a list or in a calendar view. Staff have the ability to manually trigger events or add new events to the schedule (if their access rights grant it).