Busby Dashboards

Busby dashboards provides a simple way to create dashboards to display data on a small or large screen. Dashboards are automatically updated as soon as new data is sent to them, there is no need to refresh the page.

Simple to create and modify dashboards

Dashboards are created and modified using the free and open source Inkscape image editor. Inkscape works on Windows, OS X and Linux.

Easy to update display data

All Busby services have the ability to send out a special kind of ESB message called a display update message. Values are sent along with keys that identify fields in the SVG drawing which was made in Inkscape. Displays are automatically updated with no need to refresh the page, and Busby dashboards works with most web browsers, making Busby dashboards ideal for control room monitor stacks.
Busby dashboards can also be updated by non Busby services, using our command line tools, which are supplied with all Busby systems. This makes it quick and easy for engineering staff to update in house developed scripts to allow them to update Busby dashboards.

Built in components

Busby dashboards ships with several built in display components, meaning all you need to worry about is the look and feel of the dashboard, and which fields you want updating. Built in components include:

  • Router crosspoint diagram – Dynamically update a display of your router crosspoints
  • Bitrate graph – a graph showing one or more bitrates
  • Disk drive space – a graphical representation of disk drives showing how full they are
  • Meters – a graphical representation of a meter
  • Progress bars – showing the percentage of how complete a task is
  • Scrolling text
  • Static text
  • Text list – a box which text is appended to with a configurable number of lines
  • Traffic lights – showing overall system status, or status of a specific system part
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