Busby Core

Busby core is our lightweight, broadcast specific Enterprise Service Bus.
Busby core provides messaging, a microservices framework, and a simple process to deploy software and services.


Busby messaging is built around RabbitMQ. RabbitMQ is a lightweight open source messaging broker. It provides Robust messaging that can run on all major operating systems, and supports a large range of development environments. Busby Core provides the methods to automatically set-up and manage the connections needed between clients and servers, along with configuration and monitoring tools in order to make deployment of new services and applications quick and easy.


Busby core provides the software libraries and toolkits upon which the rest of the Busby applications are built, and upon which some people choose to write their own custom microservices and applications. Microservices can be developed to be run only once, or to be active/standby or active/active, allowing for redundancy and load balancing. Busby microservices can be deployed on one server, or across many servers/VMs, allowing for easy scaling from a simple system to a large complex system


Busby core ships with a comprehensive, easy to use web based configuration editor for Busby workflow systems. It allows engineering staff to easily and logically create a simple or complex system. Microservices are automatically created and deployed, and centralised configuration allows for easy versioning of configuration files. Busby configuration editor also allows for offline viewing and editing of system configuration. Other Busby applications, including custom developed microservices can be configured and administered using the Busby administrator. The Busby administrator allows staff to quickly see which services are active, standby or not running, and provides the facilities to restart services centrally.
Please click here for more information about Busby configuration editor.

Deployment and operating environment

Busby usually runs on the Centos 7 operating system, in a virtualisation environment such as VMWare. We supply you with a pre-built VM image which you can deploy and run up quickly and easily. We find that this is a flexible and reliable way to run Busby ESB and microservices. However, all our software is written in cross-platform languages, so if you have a specific mandate to run in a different environment such as Windows, or a different Linux distribution, we can work with you to ensure software is compiled for running on a different operating system.


Busby includes an easy to configure secure authentication service. Users, groups and roles can be configured within a web delivered user interface. For enterprise users, this service can optionally integrate with Active Directory, providing users with a single sign on, with roles based on AD group membership.

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