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At Squared Paper we know that it can be difficult to find a solution for monitoring your broadcast chain that will deliver what you need and won’t cost the earth. That is why we have created Busby Alarms, a scalable, reliable, web delivered alarm system.
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Busby Alarms is built upon Busby core, so it is deployed as a set of micro-services, allowing for easy management and configuration changes. Configuration is held centrally and can be edited using a web browser.

Alarms can be organised in groups for ease of monitoring, and views can be created in the alarm panel with different combinations of alarm groups.
Alarms can also be created with different severities, to be used for analytics purposes, or to trigger different alerts for different alarm severities.

Busby alarm service

At the heart of Busby Alarms is the alarm service. The alarm service keeps track of the state of all the alarms in the system, and provides status updates when alarms change state. The alarm panel, audible alerter and other alarm system micro-services use these status updates to keep the user informed of the status of the system.

Busby alarm panel

The Alarm Panel is accessed by a web browser running any platform on any device and allows you to monitor your entire broadcast chain, or selected parts of it. The system can be accessed on multiple devices simultaneously and will automatically scale to fit a large screen or a mobile device.
It provides three different views – a panel view (like a panel of light bulbs), a list of current alarms which can be filtered, and a list of historical alarms which can be filtered.


Audible alerts

Audible alerts for your control room can be installed on any PC with a sound card, and it is possible to assign different sounds for different alarm severities or for individual alarms.

E-mail alerts

E-mail alerts for operational or engineering staff can be configured, and it is possible to send alerts to different e-mail addresses/distribution lists for different alarm severities or for individual alarms.

SMS alerts

Busby alarms has an integration to Dynmark, an online SMS service provider. SMS alerts for remote staff can be configured.

Supported devices

Busby Alarms can monitor many devices, including by pings, SNMP polling/traps, API integration, HTTP posts etc. If you have something we haven’t monitored before, we can create an ESB adaptor for it, or provide you with the software tools needed to make your own.
Supported devices and services include:

  • Elemental Live/Delta/Server
  • Zixi Broadcaster/Receiver
  • Conviva
  • Cinegy multiviewers
  • Schneider PDUs
  • HP iLO
  • Linux system health – CPU, disk, memory usage
  • Windows system health – CPU, disk, memory usage
  • Mac OS X system health – CPU, disk, memory usage
  • Elasticsearch cluster status
  • Cassandra cluster status
  • RabbitMQ status
  • Third party API monitoring
  • SNMP traps
  • SNMP polling
  • HTTP posts
  • Elasticsearch index polling
  • Nagios

Busby Alarms is easily integrated with Busby, our Enterprise Service Bus offering, or it can be installed on a standalone Linux server, or as a virtual machine.


A typical alarm system might contain the following:

For more information on the Busby Alarms, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact us
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