Very large standalone video routers have become commonplace in most broadcast installations. With large routers, the effect of controller failure or router failure can be catastrophic. This product is designed to mitigate most of the failure modes which can occur and offer an operator the fastest way to recover the situation.
One unique feature is the automatic plugging schedule which can display the jackfield plugging required to achieve the same effect as the router state. This can be used to assist if a router must be upgraded in situ or expanded.
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This is a standalone router controller used to provide monitoring, emergency control, automatic time based state recording and the generation of plugging schedules including distribution amplifiers for use in the event of router failure. We usually supply this fully configured with a touch screen and integrated PC. The system runs on centos linux for maximum reliability.

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  • Numeric X-Y control of router direct to crosspoint controller, useful for engineering tests before the control system is configured
  • Named X-Y control, useful if the router control system is out of action or is disconnected
  • Select difference between now state and any time in the past, set the router to that time, great for “put everything back as it was 5 minutes ago”.
  • Display a plugging schedule for the router state at any time in the past, i.e. just before a failure.
  • Send an email report on failure of any control mechanism or controller changeover
  • No keyboard or mouse required, fully touch screen compliant