Squared paper provide a simple application to control a Blackmagic HyperDeck. It is available as a trial download or to purchase here The current version is 3.0 please update if you have an earlier version.

Applications include

  • Satellite and line feed recording
  • Time shifting feeds
  • Selecting timed playback of clips for retail / reception environments
  • Off air recording of events for later editing (the HyperDeck has HDMI inputs)
  • Synchronised operation of four decks for 4K/50p or 4K/60p applications (contact us for details)


  • Controls up to 6 HyperDecks over ethernet (RS422 option available)
  • Ganged roll functions both manually and by list
  • Real time remote control of all transport functions with status and timecode
  • Event list control with unlimited events
  • Events can be set to days of the week and repeat on a weekly cycle
  • Event lists can be exported to files and re used
  • Windows or Mac OSX